About Us

We provide special gears, industrial equipment, spare parts and accessories of European quality. We work in the mining industry and metallurgy, oil and gas and chemical engineering, silicate industry and the building materials industry. also we are engaged in delivery of the hoisting equipment. Our young staff of LLC "CENTR KOMPLEKTACII", professionally engaged in supplying industrial enterprises with high-quality equipment. The main priorities in our work are the quality of products, the shortest possible terms and an individual approach to each Client. Also an important advantage of working with us for you, will be low prices, product warranty and other pleasant bonuses!

Direction of our activity:

1. Reducer and geared motor:

2. Electrotechnical products: electric motors, frequency converters

3. Hoisting mechanisms: Winches are manual and automatic, telphers, hoists of very different production

4. All types of bearings:

5. Industrial equipment, components and spare parts for them:

6. Industrial pumps of different types and filters:

Advantages of working with us:

 - Really affordable prices

 - a huge warehouse of finished products

- execution of any equipment and special orders on your request

- high quality products

- guarantee for all products

- the shortest delivery time

 Cooperating with us, we can offer you:

  • Reducers of domestic and foreign production
  • Geared motors for the widest application
  • Electric motors (crane, general industrial)
  • Brake crane of all types
  • Winches are electric
  • Electrohydropters
  • Industrial equipment, spare parts and components for them
  • Bearings of all types
  • Springs and retaining rings
  • Industrial pumps and filters

High quality, reliability and stability at all stages of work, responsibility in the performance of contractual obligations, as well as technical and consulting support. Execution of non-standard orders for imported equipment, as well as manufacturing of power equipment under technical documentation provided by the Customer.