Modern equipment, cars, production equipment work thanks to bearings. A small detail is absolutely indispensable for various mechanisms. This element provides work to small household appliances, and huge industrial machines. No manufacturing enterprise, no agricultural machinery, no cars will be able to work without bearings. To date, the replacement of this part does not yet exist. Therefore, timely repair of the failed part ensures efficient operation of the equipment.

Bearing - a technical part that is part of the support, supports shafts, axles or other structure, provides rotation, fixes the position in space, transfers the load to other parts.

The very first bearing in the world was made before BC. and since then the production of this part has been improving from year to year. There are many kinds of different bearings (magnetic, gas-static, hydrostatic, hydrodynamic). In the engineering industry, these types of bearings are used: Roller bearings (friction is formed by balls or rollers between moving and stationary bearing rings); Sliding bearings (the bearing surface of the shaft or axles slides over the surface of the bearing).