Metal of high quality - the guarantee of durable products

Metal rolling is still indispensable in industry, mechanical engineering, other heavy industries. The brass tube is made of copper and zinc in various proportions, with the addition of sometimes other metals, to obtain certain properties, for specific purposes.

. The need for metal rolling and other products from steel occurs in many manufacturing companies and companies. We can find, choose and order any steel products, including beams and fittings, circles, channel bars, corners, ropes, mesh, non-ferrous metal products and so on.

Metal rolling is widely used in almost all areas of construction. Steel - This is an excellent workpiece for the creation of various metallic ornaments, fences, forged gratings. Due to zinc treatment, the technical and operational characteristics of rolled metal are increased.

The forge-and-press complex is designed to produce forged billets and finished products of round and square sections in diameter from ... that the first five furnaces will be assembled and incorporated into the production process as early as 2018, which will make it possible to obtain a metal structure, ...